Directional control valves

Monoblock and sectional control valves, with manual or electric control. Proportional control valves, flexible cables and joysticks.


Hydraulic control valves, in-line or flangeable, and Cetop solenoid valves.

Hydraulic control units

Control units for industrial and agricultural applications with manual or electric controls. We offer customizable control units accordingly to customers’ specifications.


Return and suction filters. Cartridges, complete filters and filtering units.

Hoses and fittings

Low, medium and high pressure hoses, wire braid and multi-spiral reinforced hoses, rubber made and thermoplastics. Fittings, couplings and adapters. Poppet, ball and flat face quick release couplings.


Seals for hydraulic cylinders and other machinery. We can provide tailor-made seals in small series. NBR O-rings also available in silicone and viton.

Support components and accumulators

Over gears and reducers, mechanical and electromagnetic couplings, supports, accumulators.

Coupling and transmission joints

Flexible, chain-type and splined-half couplings, flanges for pumps.

Tools for control and cooling

Joysticks and handles, pressure gauges, test hoses, couplings for pressure gauges, level indicators, pressure switches, heat exchangers.